Jaywalking Co-directed with Leigh Iacobucci

9 min. / DV / 2005

Over the past decade, drag kings have slowly filtered into the consciousness of mainstream America. Drag kings— female-bodied or female-identified individuals who impersonate men— have been featured everywhere from music videos to magazine spreads. Still, little is truly known about these performers who evoke such discomfort and desire. The 10-minute video “Jaywalking” delves into the intricacies of the drag king world. With the assistance of rising star Jay Walker and other veteran performers in San Francisco, the video explores the comical and liberating aspects of women dressing as men. It reveals not only the artistry of drag king performances, but their revolutionary spirit.

Awards & Screenings

2008 Society for Photographic Education Film Festival 2007 Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2007 San Diego Women’s Film Festival 2006 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006 Best Documentary, PlanetOut Movie Awards 2006 Frameline Film Festival 2006 San Francisco Women’s Film Festival 2006 Philadelphia Int’l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2006 Out Reels Cincinnati GLBT Film Fest 2006 Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006 Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006 Queer as Film Festival, Boise, Idaho 2006 Spokane GLBT Film Festival 2006 Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2005 Mill Valley Film Festival 2005 Real to Reel Film Festival 2005 National Queer Arts Festival