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Tales of the Waria

56 min / HD / 2011

(in Indonesian, with English subtitles)

A community of transgender women in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, search for love and intimacy.


Miss Chinatown, U.S.A.

22 min / SD / 2006

A young woman enters a Chinese-American beauty pageant and wrestles with issues of identity.



Night Visions

7 min / 16mm / 2005

A reflection on life and loss as seen through the eyes of a young soldier returning from service in Iraq.



9 min / DV / 2005

An up-and-coming drag king star explains the humor, freedom, and politics behind women dressing and performing as men.


Scribble’s Creations

45 min / DV / 2004

A young graffiti artist living along the U.S.-Mexico border embarks on a rocky journey to adulthood.