Scribble’s Creations

45 min. / DV / 2004

18-year-old Fernando Paez lives in a Texas colonia, an unincorporated settlement along the U.S.-Mexico border. Also known as “Scribble’s Creations,” Fernando spends his days drawing graffiti with the other members of his tagging crew. Life is changing for this tagger though. A recent high school dropout and a father-to-be, Fernando must struggle to balance old habits with new responsibilities. With financial burdens and family conflicts looming before him, Fernando reveals what it truly takes to become an adult in the colonias.

Using tapes partially shot by Fernando and his friends, former teacher Kathy Huang takes an intimate look at the often forgotten community of the colonias. It is a world where children must grow up quickly with few resources and opportunities, and where rash decisions can have life-altering consequences.

Awards & Screenings

2008 Filmmaking Youth Taking Action, South Africa
2006 Arizona International Film Festival
2005 Best Amateur Documentary, Real to Reel Film Festival
2005 CineFestival of San Antonio
2005 International Latino Film Festival- Bay Area
2005 Tulipanes Latino Art and Film Festival
2005 Dallas Video Festival
2005 Rural Route Film Festival
2005 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival
2004 Boston Latino International Film Festival
2004 CineSol Latino Film Festival