Tales Of The Waria


56 minutes / HD / 2011

Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population. It is also home to the warias, a community of biological men who live openly as women. The award-winning PBS documentary Tales of the Waria follows several warias as they embark on quests for romance and intimacy. Along the way, they encounter obstacles that force them to make extraordinary sacrifices to keep the ones they love. Shot over three years with the local queer community serving as advisors and film crew members, the film provides an unprecedented look into topics rarely discussed in depth in Western media: Indonesia, Islamic culture, and the daily life and struggles of transgender communities around the world.

“A fascinating exposé.”
– The Advocate

“The beauty and honesty are heartbreaking.”
– Jezebel.com

“The best film for teaching about the cultural construction of gender and sexuality.”
– Prof. Leslie Dwyer, George Mason University